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Keep Away

This is a great game to improve protecting the ball whilst dribbling.

Groups of 8 players are positioned in pairs as illustrated. Player 1 in each pair has the ball and attempts to keep possession from their partner by keeping their body between them and the ball. The partner (Player 2 illustrated) attempts to steal the ball or force a mistake. If player 1 makes a mistake on the dribble or travels, player 2 gains possession. Players remain in their respective circles (defined by markers) throughout the game. The game continues in this manner for a set time or number of repetitions.

Dribbling: Spread fingers comfortably over top of the ball; make contact with the ball with all the fingers; push the ball firmly down to the floor; use hand, wrist and arm to control height and speed of the bounce; keep ball below waist level; keep hand on top of the ball to ensure that it rebounds back to the hand accurately; keep the head up and be aware of team mates and other players; keep body between ball and opponent.

To decrease the difficulty: Increase circle size; use larger or lighter balls; use dominant hand; restrict defender to 'passive defending'. To increase the difficulty: Decrease circle size; change grid to square; use smaller balls to improve hand/eye co-ordination; dribble with non-dominant hand; add an extra ball; dribbler has to cross from one side of circle/square to the other; introduce a time element (e.g. time for dribbler to retain possession); allow defender to compete for possession; add a second defender (i.e. 2v1).

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