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Power Shooting

Players play 3 v 3 with 'rebounders' to score from close range. This game is brilliant for progressing long range shooting skills and awareness of scoring from rebounds.

Groups of 14 players are organised as illustrated. 2 teams play 3 v 3 (players 1-3) in the central part of the channel with a lone striker (player 4) at either end to follow up shots and score on the rebound. The third team are retrievers of the ball (2 at each end) for missed shots. To start the game the teacher/coach feeds the ball into space, and the 2 teams compete to win the ball, retain possession and create shooting opportunities. The teacher/coach continues the game with a different ball after each goal attempt. After all the balls have been used teams rotate. The game continues for a set time.

Move quickly to the ball when fed into the grid; pass to retain possession if required; supporting players should move into space to receive a pass, or to create space for the ball carrier to run into; communicate with team-mates, scan target; assess shooting possibilities early; look to shot from all areas. Shooting: keep head steady, eyes on the ball; adjust stride as required; non-striking foot level with the ball, approx. a ball width to the side & pointing in the direction of the target; back lift for striking foot should be straight and high; arms are raised and extended for balance; on contact, keep head and knee (weight) over the ball; contact with instep, with extension of ankle, toe pointing down; strike the ball off the laces with firm action; keep head down throughout the strike; follow through with striking leg; use either foot.

Increase difficulty: Increase grid size; use smaller balls; use smaller goals; score using headers or volleys only; introduce 'joker' (additional player) to act as extra defender; introduce one/two touch passing. Decrease difficulty: Decrease grid size; remove goalkeepers; use bigger goal; introduce 'joker' to act as extra attacker; use lighter balls.

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