Research Methods PLaying Cards by Amy Halsall

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A deck of cards that I produced for students to learn about / revise a study. It features general questions on RM terms, as well as questions to analyse pretty much any study. However, the questions are fully editable, so you can adjust them to your needs.

Deal a few cards to each student in the class, or give a deck to each group. Duplex print on white card, then laminate and cut to size. This resource was inspired by a training session led by Celia Bone at the ATP's Darlington CPD Saturday earlier this year.

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    Hannah Oct 18 2015 01:19 PM

    These are absolutely wonderful, thank you! I'm going to adjust a couple of questions to suit AQA GCSE level.

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    Valerie Ratcliff Apr 06 2017 04:33 AM

    Great idea- very useful! Thank you!

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