Introvert or Extrovert? by Mark Holah

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A more active and fun way of carrying out the usual Eysenck psychometric test.   You may want to do this one outside on a fine day though.

Find a large space, if like most psychology teachers you have large classes, and ask the students to form a queue in front of you.   

Then simply shout out the instructions in order.   Students that move furthest to the right may be classed as being the most introverted and those on the left the most extraverted.

Do let me know in the comments section below how it works for you.  I am going to have a go with other tests and maybe even add neuroticism to make the activity two dimensional.


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Comments (3)

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    barie smith Oct 18 2009 09:39 AM

    I havent tried it but I can see how it might work just from the questions. 

    The real problem is - will the introverts be willing to be so open about their answers?  A test is silent and I always take scores anonimously so that no one is embarassed.

    But it could be interesting to do this and then an EPI and check the results against each other.


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    Mark Holah Oct 30 2009 12:23 AM

    I found it did have a fair amount of reliability.  I.E. two weeks after doing a psychometric test results were very similar.  As for adding an extra dimension this was a no go. 

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    Deb Feb 13 2012 06:19 PM

    We did this activity with sets of toy soldiers. The students had to decide the soldiers\' personalities on the spot and move them right/left. We did get 2 groups forming. They named them too and seemed to enjoy it. This approach needs fine tuning but could overcome the issues highlighted by Barrie. The students have a glimpse of the application of the psychometric without it being applied to them directly.

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