Psychology as a Science NEW SPEC by Shelley


New spec lesson for 'features of science', with a little bit of the old PSYB4 spec content. Activities included. Card sorts and reading to follow. 

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    FALGUNI Dec 01 2016 11:55 AM

    many thanks for sharing this!

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    JMHRodgers Feb 27 2017 04:13 PM

    A very useful resource. I like the variety of presentation and stimulating questions! Thanks!

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    Habibah Begum Mar 03 2017 02:27 PM

    This is amazing! thank you so much for sharing this resource! I am feeling awful right now and couldn't imagine planning this!

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    Sue Hobson Mar 04 2017 08:29 AM

    Thanks for sharing, Shelley. Great summary & reinforcement

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    Amy Mar 08 2017 08:39 PM

    Thank you so much, fantastic resource.

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    Bernadette Fitzsimons Mar 19 2017 08:30 PM

    Thank you for sharing

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    Cilla Mar 27 2017 02:04 PM

    thank you this is a great resource

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    nicci kippax Apr 20 2017 03:08 PM

    Really great resource, thank you for sharing

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    Wendy Swift Sep 29 2017 04:27 PM

    This is an amazing resource thank you so much for sharing.

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    catherine norris Apr 12 2018 11:46 AM

    Thank you for sharing, excellent info

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