EPIC biopsychology revision resource by FALGUNI


Hi all 

I've been working on this revision resource over the past 2 weeks putting together different revision activities to help my students get their heads around biopsycholgy and make them realise that its not actually as hard as they think. 

I've borrowed a few ideas from resourcd and have used the revision guides for both the pink hair book and cat book and some of mine own ideas to create this. 

The only thing that is missing is the last section on EP's and EZ's but the rest is all there. 

Please feel free to use, download and adapt. 

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    Alex Thirkill May 04 2017 11:28 AM

    Please could we have the EZ EP stuff - I've got this to teach on Monday. Cheers, Alex

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    FALGUNI May 04 2017 12:33 PM


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    Clare Deavall May 18 2017 11:52 AM

    This is great thank you - love the interactive nature of it.

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    Lesley Kimber May 30 2017 12:34 PM

    Thanks a lot. Great resource.

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    kerry noble Jun 30 2017 01:53 PM


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    Cilla Jun 30 2017 02:29 PM

    Thank you this is a grat resource - you are obviously using yur gain time constructively

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