AV Teaching Resource for Mental Health Education by mickythemartian


The Department of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University is pleased to support the launch of a new teaching resource at http://tinyurl.com/exploring-experience

Exploring Experience

Bringing authentic voices to mental health teaching

6 contributors have recorded open responses to key questions of relevance to the typical learning processes in the study of mental health. Materials could be suitable in undergraduate or postgraduate psychology studies, relevant A level courses, professional training or awareness-raising events.

The responses cover topics which include

  • Unedited descriptions of experiences in their own words
  • Experiences of engaging with mental health services
  • Reflections on what has helped or made worse their experiences
  • Advice for professionals

and many more. Responses are freely available in videos of around ten minutes, suitable for use nested within a lecture or seminar, or for self-directed study at home.

Teaching materials, with questions for reflection, are also available on the website

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