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Something fun for start of term to welcome back The IB Crowd, as I like to call them, of course with only 3 of them that is perhaps an exaggeration...anyway, show first slide with the Sarah Brightman memory track playing, then see how quickly they can recall all ten items, they will have to time themeslves with stopwatches. The show second slide with the scary car ad remix. Mine have seen the original already for a different activity so this just racks it up beyond compare! Yuo ned to make it so they can see the video and the images at the same time on the screen! The test recall sped again, use it to talk about design, flaws but also effects of emotion/internal state on memory etc...

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    Lydia_Linton Sep 19 2011 12:53 PM

    Fantastic... will be sharing this with the rest of my department! A lot of your resources are brilliant!

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