Strange Situation - 'what is the child thinking?' exercise by Helen Salmon

Helen Salmon      

Exercise where students have to consider what the child is thinking in each stage of the strange situation - i.e., WHY the 3 types behave differently. (I borrowed Deb Bennison's 'strange situation diagram' pictures!)

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Comments (7)

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    Clare Deavall Nov 30 2011 10:01 PM

    This is great - thanks for sharing

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    sue elliston May 24 2012 10:59 AM

    Thanks Helen. This is fab. Long time no see - hope you are okay

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    Philippa Lloyd Oct 16 2013 03:50 PM

    I love this activity!

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    Lesley Ravenscroft Dec 12 2013 03:25 PM

    A brilliant activity. I have changed the labels for a Japanese child and a German child to put across the X cultural implications of an imposed etic.

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    Loraine Mar 21 2014 03:10 PM

    What a great activity you've devised! This really gets them to use some empathy.

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    Sarah H Jan 31 2016 09:28 AM

    Love this, thanks for sharing.

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    Louise Elmes Jan 11 2019 10:56 AM

    This is just fab and I can't wait to use it with my Y12s.

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