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WJEC AS syllabus

shared by timothy jones
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Lobotomy - the history


shared by Sarah H
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Short documentary about pioneer of lobotomy in 1940s, some students find it quite gruesome in places so give warning before showing!

Freeman - Trans-Orbital Lobotomy

shared by Karen Wrighton
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History of Freemans lobotomy with graphic video and covering many ethical issues of the treatment, also discusses how Thorazine took over by 'chemically' lobotomising patients with less severe side effects.  Good video, but warnings to students re the graphic content needed before showing.

An idea by Natalie Minaker

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My idea is ... when teaching about lobotomies and psychosurgury, use the following article about lobotomies in 60s America and the lasting effects of the procedure. Really interesting, and also brings ...