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Religious Upbringing and being Gay

shared by Stuart Brown
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This is an article biased towards gay behaviour as a result of environment rather than inborn biological factors. Useful as a counterpoint to other theories and as a basis for discussion.

The Human Instinct - Sexual Attraction

shared by Jonathan Firth
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Clip from Robert Winston's TV show, featuring experiment into body odours and attraction based on Wedekind et al. (1995) and similar studies.

Sex and gender: a cross cultural look at the samoan peope who have three genders

shared by Mandy Wood
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Families choose whether their male children will grow up as 'fafafini': that is men who live their lives as women. In Samoa if you act like a woman you are a woman and thus when men have a relationship with a fafaini it is considered to be heterosexual.

Psychology, Sex, and Evolution

shared by Jamie Davies
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This lecture reviews what evolutionary theories and recent studies in psychology can tell us about sex and gender differences. Students will hear how psychology can help explain many of the differences that exist in whom we find attractive, what we desire in a mate, and sexual orientation.

The Science of Homosexuality

shared by Mark Holah
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A good animation that could be used when teaching the nature nurture debate.