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Part 1: Discuss the picture of the ball Part 2: For each picture of the moon orbiting the earth, give student’s time to discuss and draw what they think the moon will look like from the earth. Encourage students to draw their prediction on a piece of note paper and then to put the correct answer and name in the box when it is shown. Encourage students to look at the light rays and imagine they were stood on earth. Discuss patterns (such as the symmetry of the diagram- Gibbous opposite gibbous etc…) Observe that the illuminated side swaps after the full moon. Part 3: Without using their diagrams; students predict the position of the moon A-F and the recall the name of the phase for 8 pictures (from the earth). Ask them to keep a record of how many names and positions they get correct. It may be helpful to give students a randomized list of the names of the phases. Get feedback on students marks.

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