New Spec Families and Households Revision - Full Module by Kelly Heaton

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A couple of years ago I uploaded a version of this for the Education topic which was really well received and so I thought I would do one for the Families and Households one as well. You can use it in class as a teacher-led revision exercise, or let your students use it independently for their own revision. Everything is hyper-linked so you can just dip in and out of whichever topics you need to. Includes research, evaluations and exam advice for all elements of the Families and Households course for the 2015/16 specification, for both AS and A-level.

Compiled using a mixture of the Webb et al book and a vast array of other resources I've collected over the years from this site. If you recognise any of your work within it, then thanks! (couldn't possibly remember who I've 'borrowed' bits from over the years)

It may be a little late for some, but should serve as a usual tool for next years' AS students and for revision next year for current year 12's. 


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Comments (33)

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    Julie Sutcliffe May 11 2016 05:07 PM

    Amazing - thank you

  • avatar

    Kelly Heaton May 12 2016 02:31 PM

    No problems at all - glad you can make use of it. I have previously uploaded something similar for education - though based on old spec - if it's any use?

  • avatar

    Rosie B May 14 2016 06:24 PM

    I can't imagine how much time this must have taken. Thank you so much for an incredible resource!

  • avatar

    Jeri Nield May 16 2016 09:09 AM

    This is amazing! Thank you

  • avatar

    Concepta Daly May 16 2016 12:22 PM

    This is fantastic and a great resource. I am going to look for the one for Education immediately!

  • avatar

    Elle May 17 2016 09:48 AM

    Wow!! Thank you so much :)

  • avatar

    Farheen Shad May 17 2016 03:36 PM

    This is absolutely brilliant! I am doing revision lessons during study leave and this is just what I needed to help recap with my class! Thank you!

  • avatar

    nikki knighton May 18 2016 09:24 AM

    This is amazing, thank you for sharing

  • avatar

    Sabhina May 18 2016 01:56 PM

    Just what I needed! Thank you :)

  • avatar

    Nal May 18 2016 01:58 PM

    Must have taken you ages to prepare such an amazing resource. Thanks for sharing.

  • avatar

    Paul George May 20 2016 08:49 AM

    Absolutely fantastic - thank you so much for sharing!!

  • avatar

    pip joyce May 27 2016 01:24 PM

    AMAZING!!! - Thank you for sharing!

  • avatar

    kath hession Oct 30 2016 12:37 PM

    brilliant thank you, so fantastic to share this. Could you please point me in the direction of your education booklet too!

  • avatar

    miriam williams Nov 29 2016 09:36 PM

    Thank you!!!

  • avatar

    D Brind Jan 20 2017 11:59 AM

    Thank you this is brilliant.

  • avatar

    Bernadette Fitzsimons Jan 21 2017 06:39 PM

    Thank you this much appreciated

  • avatar

    Serena Jan 25 2017 03:44 PM

    Thankyou so much! Is this based on the Webb et al text book?

  • avatar

    Charlotte Feb 20 2017 08:53 PM

    Every page has a hyperlink - insane and very helpful!

  • avatar

    Eryl Feb 21 2017 04:03 PM

    Thank you - it's amazing!

  • avatar

    erica Apr 03 2017 12:13 PM

    Thankyou - this is an amazing resource. I have just given it to my students, they love it.

  • avatar

    anna Hazeldine May 01 2017 12:10 PM

    Thank you so much. The best resource I have ever found. I am sure my students will love this and also be very grateful to you.

  • avatar

    Lin McAllister May 04 2017 04:30 PM

    Thank you- the students found your last one and the educational one very helpful

  • avatar

    Emma May 08 2017 08:44 PM

    So amazing. Thank you so much.

  • avatar

    Lesley Kimber May 13 2017 02:22 PM

    Many thanks - I am sending this to the kids on the moodle on Tueday when they get back from paper 1!

  • avatar

    kessy May 25 2017 11:57 AM

    eternally grateful brilliant resources

  • avatar

    Rafina Jun 08 2017 02:56 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing just a fantastic resource!

  • avatar

    Helen Quinn Jun 12 2017 09:54 AM

    Wow!!!! Thank you for sharing :-)

  • avatar

    Ruth Jun 14 2017 08:44 AM

    Thank you - this is brilliant!

  • avatar

    Gemma H Jan 24 2018 07:59 AM

    You are an absolute star for this. Saving the skin of a complete newbie to Sociology. Do you still have the education one available?

  • avatar

    Gemma H Jan 24 2018 08:02 AM

    Thank you so much for this you are a star! Saved the skin of a complete newbie to Sociology. Do you still by any chance have the education one available?

  • avatar

    Bernadette Fitzsimons Mar 20 2018 08:11 PM

    Thank you very much!

  • avatar

    amy Jun 05 2018 01:54 PM

    This is fab! thank you!

  • avatar

    Alex Bromley Jun 11 2018 10:03 AM

    Brilliant! A really useful resource.

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