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Inspire me with your wall display ideas please. 

Posted: Friday, August 3, 2018 @ 04:32 PM
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Hi Tina,

You mean you actually have a wall to put a display on? :)

Sorry, its not the reply you wanted or needed.

I had a portion of a notice board until last spring term. I had basically two things on it - a large poster about whether Psycology could be considered a science ( as per one of the controversies in the exam paper) and a smaller poster on statistical tests and choosing the right one. In addition to that I had a small notice about the EPQ and a couple of funnies - one was a cartoon about the difference between scientific research and politically biased research and one was a positivist thing about reinterpreting failures.

Cant be more help. Lost the noard to another dept ( together with my dedicated classroon
.So , now I have nothing ..... do I care? Well yes in a way, I cant advertise my subject to recruit but then no, because I dont have to be present at open morning to sell a subject when I have neither a space nor a subject board! Cuts both ways.


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I made Harlow's monkeys out of two bird feeders, a flannel, a dummy and a toy monkey! Also used to have specification hanging from ceiling on mobiles. Key words round the classroom etc. and some free posters I've picked up along the way. BPS do some for free I believe. Get students to do some research posters, so when they do practicals get them to present via poster, good practice for when they go to Uni.

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Harlow's monkeys creation sounds brilliant! 

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I have a timeline of the approaches including Wundt in chronological order with prompts to help the kids remember them e.g. white rat toy for little Albert/Behaviourism. It's my favourite part of the classroom and I refer to it regularly whilst teaching.