request for students for participation in research

 request for students for participation in research
Posted: Monday, January 7, 2019 @ 09:01 PM
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Hi all, I am madly preparing my Msc dissertation proposal on young people's mental health and problematic smart phone use (yes while teaching and managing an A level dept...glutton for punishment :) )

I am only wanting level 3 learners aged 16-18 and this would leave my sample a little small from just my college.

Would anybody be willing to offer up their contact details for me to send the surveys to once I have ethics approval?

It is not formalized yet but likely to be on parenting styles, coping strategies, well-being measures and life event measurement. I envisage each participant would need to spend around 20-30 mins completing the online surveys

As you know this is a hot topic in the media right now and I think all students could use a little more awareness in their habits particulalrly in the run up to exams.

Approx time of surveys will be April, obvs will be anonymous and would give students basic well-being tips for their participation.

Its a subject I am convinced is hindering their mental health and ability to study and I would be very grateful of anyone willing to send on my surveys for me

Many thanks in advance

Sharon Cahill