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Jamie Davies is an occasionally brilliant, 33-year-old psychology teacher, writer,  data scientist, educationalist, coder and all-round-top-chap from Yorkshire.

He has worked on, with, and for, lots of different projects and people and even have some projects of his own. Jamie gets bored easily so these projects vary from writing to coding; learning to teaching and even talking about teaching. He has spoken at or lead a variety of lectures, seminars and workshops on teaching and learning. 

In 2004 Jamie Graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Psychology. He was then taught to teach at Huddersfield University and in 2014 received a distinction on his MSc in the Teaching of Psychology from Glyndwr University. Currently he is the Head of Quality Systems and teacher of psychology and at a successful Sixth Form College in Hull as well as working as a lecturer for Glyndwr University on their MSc in the Teaching of Psychology.

Jamie likes receiving email but is notorious for forgetting to reply. You can contact him on this page or even follow him on twitter @jamiedavies.

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Commented on All Studies for Edexcel 2015 Specification [zip]

This contains all the studies for the 2015 Edexcel Specification. The file is a ZIP file containing the requisite PDFs.

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Uploaded a file called Gottesman and Shields (1966) - Schizophrenia in Twins - original article

Gottesman and Shields (1966) - Schizophrenia in Twins - original article

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Commented on Localisation of Brain Function Recap Task Sheet (Starter)

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Liked edexcel 2015 cognitive introduction

this powerpoint is my first lesson of cognitive pscyhology

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Uploaded a file called tete


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Commented on History of Psychology Worksheet - AQA 2015

Someone on here recommend the link to the History of Psychology clip - it's excellent. I've created a basic question sheet for the students to complete whilst watching. 

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Liked Edexcel command words

Altered Dayna's upload to suit Edexcel specification 2015 http://www.resourcd.com/@psychexchange/file/show/18977

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Commented on Maths test - answers

Answers to the maths test I have uploaded

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Liked AQA A Psychology Initial Assessment: Maths

A maths test to give students at the start of the year to assess their existing maths knowledge. the idea is they should easily get 60% (with a C at GCSE already) but if they don't then they could attend maths support sessions. Please give me some feedback - positive or negative. Also if anyone can try and make some of the fractions questions more psychological that would be great! :)

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Commented on Edexcel 2015 Topic 1 Social Psychology Homework questions D

Cut and pasted from old exam papers and markschemes.  Have not used SAM as we are saving these for a mock.  

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