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Liked normal and skewed distributions

I made this for a very small group students who found the concept of distributions and skewed distributions difficult to grasp, it has a great you tube clip to help with memorising. It also has a couple of exam questions added.

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Liked a guide to A Level papers

Breakdown of the questions and how to answer them.Covers, Education, Poverty, Media and Crime but could be adapted for other Topics.

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Liked new spec crime and deviance pack AQA

here's my attempt at covering all of the content for the new spec, you might find it useful for more obscure elements like surveillance.  I've left suicide in because I think it helps for the more synoptic T&M questions

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Liked Functionalism, crime and deviance recap

Recap questions on Functionalism, Crime and devianceFrom a mixture of my ideas, other's ideas and textbooksAQA A-Level Sociology

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Liked Religion in a Global Context

Including religion and economic development and fundamentalism and some 10 mark questions at the end. A huge portion of this was taken from other resources in this site (particularly the info on development) - so a huge thank you to all those teachers! 

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Liked Functionalist Theory of Crime - Durkheim

Durkheim's positive functions view of crime

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Liked Outline plan for AQA Year 2 2016/17

This is based on two teachers sharing 9 hors per fortnight 4/5 split.

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Liked Relationships Workbook All Topics - AQA New Specification

Here is a workbook for all topics in the new AQA Relationships topic - this is included Sexual Selection, Self Disclosure, Physical Attractiveness, Filer Model, Social Exchange Theory, Equity Theory, Investment Model, Duck's Theory of Breakdown, Virtual Relationships and Parasocial RelationshipsAll topics include all theories covered in the specification, evaluation points, embedded application tasks as well as research methods for each topic. Some parts have been adapted from available resources here and also from the pink haired girl.Enjoy

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Liked Relationships Self-Disclosure Workbook AQA New Specification

This is a workbook for the new AQA A Level Specification. This is for part of Relationships topic and is a workbook for the Self-Disclosure sub topic which is brand new for 2016.This includes embedded tasks for students to do, covers all theories and evaluation as well as extra tasks involving application and research methods tasks so students are able to test all skills.

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Liked AQA A Level 2015 Revision and Exam Technique - Modelled on the Bake Off!

Three rounds: signature, technical, showstopper. Could make into a competition.

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