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Commented on New Spec Families and Households Revision - Full Module

A couple of years ago I uploaded a version of this for the Education topic which was really well received and so I thought I would do one for the Families and Households one as well. You can use it in class as a teacher-led revision exercise, or let your students use it independently for their own revision. Everything is hyper-linked so you can just dip in and out of whichever topics you need to. Includes research, evaluations and exam advice for all elements of the Families and Households course for the 2015/16 specification, for both AS and A-level.Compiled using a mixture of the Webb et al book and a vast array of other resources I've collected over the years from this site. If you recognise any of your work within it, then thanks! (couldn't possibly remember who I've 'borrowed' bits from over the years)It may be a little late for some, but should serve as a usual tool for next years' AS students and for revision next year for current year 12's. Enjoy!