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Commented on conformity - defining key terms exam Q marking exercise, with answers

This exercise is useful once students already have an understanding of the key terms associated with conformity. It helps students to see why 'accurate' answers don't always earn full marks, snd so helps their understanding of how to elaborate their eplasnations. (The 'answers' include the concept of '-' marks - to highlight the difference between a 'sound' full marks and an 'almost' full marks.

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Commented on IDA Summary sheet

AQA PSYA3 Synoptic Issues, Debates and Approaches at a glance 

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Commented on AQA A (AS) Abnormality - Biological approach sorting cards

These are all true facts about physical reasons for mental abnormality.  I got my students to first sort them into which they thought were true and which were false (cue much moaning when I told them they were all true!)  I then introduced the four aspects - biochemistry, infection, neurology and genetics (BING) and asked them to re-sort the cards to fit into these four groups. The activity seemed to work well, as many of them sorted the rubella and flu during pregnancy into the genetics pile, so I was able to explain that it is only genetic if it is passed on through the genes.