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I have taught psychology since 1998 and am a little startled that makes me sound archaic. I have also worked as a psychologist working with children who have down syndrome and their families/practitioners etc. I currently teach Edexcel A level and International Baccalaureate Psychology at Portsmouth Grammar School, on the South Coast, UK.

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Commented on Margaret Mead

Nature - nurture debate. Anthropology

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Commented on Milgam experiment in claymation

Claymation Milgram

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Commented on Milgram multiple choice questions

A short warm up exercise I use when teaching Milgram.

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Commented on non-experimental methods powerpoint

powerpoint covering observation, interviews, questionnaires and case studies - used for Higher Psychology

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Shared a video called Phobias with Jeremy Kyle

I really enjoyed this clip of Jeremy Kyle gettign over his phobia of insects, snakes and spiders, it doesn't show you have it was achieved but one assumes flooding given the time available.