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Hi, I have been teaching Psychology 15+ years although background is Biology. I am subject leader at a rural academy and have also examined for OCR (why.... seemed like a good idea at the time :-)).

I seem to have quite a lot to say, hopefully it's not all rubbish.

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Uploaded a file called Edexcel 2015; Study summary sheet

Revamped from OCR core studies now I realise how much detail is needed for the named studies!  4 page summary sheet for classic and contemporary studies. I photocopy as a booklet. (Hope the formatting works!)

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Liked Becker by Numbers

Becker by NumbersMight be useful fro revision of Becker et al - eating behaviours in Fijian girlsEdexcel 2015 Unit 1 - Contemporary Study - Learning theories

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Liked Case study to support neural explanation of offending

I have found this on the Australian Neurolaw Database, which you can sign up to for free It is a good example of how the neural explanation can be used to explain offending, and leads nicely to a discussion on determinism vs free will and implications for sentencing. 

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Uploaded a file called Edexcel 2015 Revision clock questions and answers Clinical Psychology (+ culuture and ID 12 mark)

PPT with answers for my revision clock for Clinical. Nswers to short questions + detailed plan for how culture can lead to individual differences. Concentrates on schiozphremia and OCD

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Uploaded a file called Edexcel 2015 Revision clock questions Clinical and Criminal

Based on a suggestion from a discussion on this site; these are revision clocks. The idea is that each segment of the clock takes 5 mins to complete and I have included 4 mark questions (12 per clock) and some extended answer questions for both units. Also included ppt with answers for the criminology 4 mark questions.

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Liked POTS (2004) revision dominoes

A set of dominoes to help revise the POTS OCD study, a contemporary study for Edexcel Clinical A2

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Commented on 180 questions for an 'unlucky dip' or quiz Edexcel.

A grid of quick response questions that I will use for  an 'unlucky dip' starter activity throughout the revision period .They are on a full range of what we have covered but could be easily sorted into topics. It's just a simple grid to cut up,but could be used for a quiz. 

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Commented on EDEXCEL 2015: Paper 3 Review of classic key studies inc IADs

Zip file containing 11 lessons to consolidate the IADs in the classic key studies, including eg exam questions etc.

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Commented on Edexcel 2015 Issues and Debates banded questions - Social

Edexcel 2015 Issues and Debates banded questions - SocialMight be useful fro Issues and Debates revision

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Commented on make a brain hat

a great resource for taster lessons and all things 'brainy', credit to FB friends for the idea, worked a treat