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Commented on AQA 2015 Spec Schizophrenia Interactionist Approach

PowerPoint on the interactionist approach using the pink haired girl book.

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Commented on Asch replication

This PPT is a replication of Asch. It takes some preparation with the confederates but worked well.

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Commented on Psychological explanations of schizophrenia

A cut and paste excercise were students have to rerrange the statements to build an essay. The answer sheet will follow. This can be adapted for any other psychological explanations of schizophrenia.

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Commented on Ethnicity and achievement in education

resources will be attached separately

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Commented on AQA A EWT 'advise the police' AO2 grid

What factors might influence two witnesses testimony, how do we know, and is there any conflicting evidence.  The two witnesses are of different ages, one could see the gun the other couldn't, etc.

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Commented on GCSE what is sociology

Brief power point to get students thinking about concepts of social issues, social structures and social processes. The last slide (Pass the question) refers to an excellent plenary activity I got from teachers.tv: it is like "pass the parcel" - music on, pupils pass an envelope with quetions in it, when music stops, the student who has the envelope, takes a question and has to answer. Keeps them on theior toes!