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I am climbing mountains when I am not climbing the walls! BSc (Hns) Psychology with the Open University In my previous life I was a nurse (20 years in various countries)

I teach in Luton

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Liked gender snakes and ladders consolidation activity

Snakes & Ladders game for activity to test their K & U. Increases in difficulty as they advance. Various rules can be applied to differentiate students./ I give 1 sheet per couple/3 students. will also upload social influence one. Thanks to TES original contributor. This is also editable & was very effective oral test.

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Liked AQA 2015 explanatios for nicotine addiction: brain neurochemisty

A powerpoint covering the desensitisation hypothesis (ACh and Dopamine) as well as the nicotine regulation model. There are video clips embedded within the power point.Application task to end.

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Liked Infradian and Ultradian Rhythms Biopsychology Year 2 AQA New Spec

For the new spec using the Green haired girl book

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Liked Psychodynamic Approach AQA New Specification

Here is the workbook for psychodynamic approach. Has embedded tasks from green haired girl book. Covers the concepts and evaluation and used other sources available on here to create so not all my work.

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Liked Mirror Neurons article

an article about Mirror Neurons that goes with the PP presentation I uploaded 

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Commented on 12 mark questions for paper 1

questions taken from the green hair girl book, can be used for 16 marks A level. I got my students to plan the questions as mind maps clearly showing A01 and A03 points.

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Liked AQA New Spec Assessment Objectives and question types

I have made a booklet on the types of questions and how they are linked to AOs with examples from specimen materials from AQA website. I will get a copy for students to file and the refer to it as we go along. It took quite a while so I thought I would share it!

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Liked Pyramid activity to use with any specification

A work sheet based on an  idea shamefully poached from the Paul Ginnis book on teaching activities.  It encourages students to use active learning by getting them processing information into hierarchies, either from books, articles or a video.  It may help their notetaking skills!

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Uploaded a file called Approaches AQA

This is a presentation covering the learning approach, the biological approach and the cognitive approach to fit in with the new AQA syllabus. I will make a workbook to go with this soon.