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Liked Postmodernism and Family Diversity

For Sept 2015

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Liked 19 Mark Procedure Question Checklist (G544)

a checklist for when you are practising the 19 mark procedure question

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Liked G544 Section A Observation/Content Analysis

G544 Section A Observations I am doing with my pupils for exam practice.

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Liked G543 OCR Forensic & Clinical section B question generator

Work in progress, but a worksheet to try to get students to think about questions that may arise or issues that they should be aware of in OCR G543 options paper. Some of the combinations may not be feasible but discussing why this is the case helps understanding.

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Liked Revision for OCR G543

Revision booklet for students for G543.  Brief notes designed to get them thinking about what they need to know.

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Liked Psychoanalysts - Edexcel GCSE information sheet

Psychoanalysts  - Edexcel GCSE information sheet -what they do, how to become one etc

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Liked AQA PSYA3 Gender. powerpoint

This is a simple powerpoint with all the studies and short descriptions of each which could be useful for this topic. The students use it as a library resource when they are looking for material

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Liked aqa as stress and methods letter template for blockbusters

Good for starter, plenary, general revision

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Commented on OCR A2 health answers

Answers written by my students with my comments. Please take a look and see what you think

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Liked OCR G543 exam question helpsheet

this is the handout I give to my year 13 students to guide them through the requirements of the exam. IKt is based on a training day I attended.

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