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Commented on Level 3 Unit 1: Effective Communication Booklet

This is an almost completed booklet for Unit 1 Effective Communication in Health and Social Care. I Created this so all the handouts were in one place for the students and they could be safe over the 12 week layout.  At the end of each lesson the students had to complete a worksheet which reflected a specific criteria and this was submitted for marking. A final presentation assignment was created to cover the merits and distinctions grades.  You are free to take anything you want but I would ask you not to base my assignment styles as yours as each establishment is different.  This year we have gone back to 2 main assignments because we now have 26 weeks to cover the unit.  Again please excuse my dyslexia as this is an draft version not the final one. Lots of extra handouts are missing and the power points, videos and more are not here but some links are.  If you want more resources, tips and more please feel free to follow my Twitter account @Surpass_EDU. 

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