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Commented on Revision booklet for Psychological Theme through core studies

I know a bit late for students taking exams for this year but have created a revision booklet for Psychological Themes Through Core Studies.It has a checklist at the beginningYou need to place the OCR summaries for each case study before the evaluation grid for that study.  I used these as this is the content they will be tested on.It was also difficult to insert the grid to show comparisons between each area and each perspective.  No matter what I tried would not fit neatly on page.  You may have better luck!I also wanted to include a summary of each debate but did not have time.It also includes some example questions for each section, but this was before OCR produced some.  So you might want to use these instead.Produced very quickly so apologies for any typos.

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Commented on Grant et al (1998) pptx

Summary of study. Includes panda, Lolcat, scuba diver and 1oth Dr Who. Derived from summary provided on OCR site.Also way more detail about the results than is necessary.

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Commented on PIliavin& Levine OCR2015

Piliavin & Levine booklet for OCR 2015

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Commented on Bandura & Chaney OCR 2015

Handout for the new spec OCR 2015

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Commented on Loftus & Grant OCR 2015

Booklet for Loftus and Grant OCR 2015