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Commented on Memory Lesson Plan & Learning Tables (MSM & WM)

I was given an Outstanding for this lesson last week when OFSTED came in to our school. This was a 'paired observation' - a Deputy Head was assessing the lesson as well, so her standards were being moderated. Quite a stressful week, but the kids were fantastic and we all survived!Feedback on the lesson revealed it was being graded as 'Good' ...up to the point when the kids did their mini presentation, and because they'd clearly understood the material (AS Cardwell & Flannagan with cat on front cover - info on the two models of memory) the inspector was impressed enough to say their learning was outstanding. My input in the lesson was minimal - a point I've only just learned to appreciate after quite a few years of teaching! Good luck to anyone with an OFSTED inspection due.

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Commented on Tarsia 4 Attachment

Active learning resource good for end of topic revision. Learners have to put the triangles together, matching up the sides, to form a hexagon.

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