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I am a teacher of Sociology in a big north east college. We always have a fairly big cohort of learners who constantly keep you on your toes. I am coming up to my second year of teaching in sept and what a year this has been. This website and the generous people on it have been a god send.

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I made this straight after attending the online exams feedback last night. It makes it VERY clear exactly what is expected and in what format for each of these questions. This was based on the examiners comments. Hope it helps people.

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Commented on GCSE 12 mark question - How to structure an answer

This goes with my writing frames already uploaded. It shows students how to structure an answer in a fairly step by step way and then allows you to set homework using the writing frames. This one is based on crime, but I've got another for family (it's the same bar the questions and exemplar material used!)

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Uploaded a file called Punishment- does our prison system work

Eye opening newspaper atical regarding Prisons in England and Wales. focusing on overcrowding. I normally create questions for them to answer as they go through. Can wwork with a number of lessons: Control, prevention, Realism (tough on crime) what has zero tolerance lead to? etc)

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Uploaded a file called Crime prevention, control and punishment

Powerpoint woith integrated activities, discussion points and independant research activities (to feed back to class. I normally complete this over 2 seperate days with independanct research in the middle. The student feedback then forms the start of the lesson. Newspaper artical 'era of mass incarceration attached separately'. Please note some slides are taken from other powerpoints from this site (Thank you to those)

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Uploaded a file called Mass media revision

BACK TO THE BOARD This is a revision game I play with my learners after each main topic (can be adapted to any topic). I put them into teams of two. each member of the team takes it in turn to sit with their back to the board- it is the task of their team mates to describe the word on the screen using sociological clues but they must not say any of the words on the screen. if their team member gets it wrong it is passed to the other team as a bonus point. fun for students but really gets them thinking

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Uploaded a file called Observations

Powerpoint with integrated Q's and activities. Can be adapted for both AS & A2 research methods. Goes well with clips of big mommas house and big brother

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Commented on AQA A2 Media Scheme of Work 2012

This is the scheme of work I have developed. It is unashamedly based around the Collins textbook by Moore, Chapman and Aiken Third edition. I have tried to include some resource suggestions too. I have had training in TEEP (highly recommended) so have tried to be cogniscant of that approach

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Commented on Sociology Noughts & Crosses

Play Sociology Noughts & Crosses and revise at the same time!