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Hi, I am Natalie

I've been teaching WJEC/Eduqas for quite some time now, and am always up for chatting with others who do the same syllabus.  I'm so happy that so many of you find my resources useful, and hope that I can keep on being of use!

Check my profile for full lesson plans and resources for the spec. I am covering schizophrenia, criminal behaviour and addiction.


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Uploaded a file called Attachment rolling slide show

This is a rolling slide show of pictures related to attachment. Its good to introduce the topic of attachment as the class are coming in.

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Uploaded a file called Strange Situation Handout

after learning about the strange situation (from powerpoint also uploaded) the class then have to decide in pairs which attachment type each child is, and then come up with some of their own.

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Uploaded a file called The Strange Situation powerpoint

An introduction to the strange situation

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Commented on IB Socio-Cultural: McArthur (1972) - Situational and dispositional attributions

This classroom activity provides students with a series of scenarios with information relating to consensus, distinctiveness and consistency and they have to make situational or dispositional attribution according to Kelley's covariation model. Please bear in mind , I have not taught this topic before and am trialling new activities for the frist time, Please let me know if you think they are okay or need modifying!! :O) The activity was based on McArthur (1972): Pps were given 16 behavioural descriptions; 4 were about emotional reactions, 4 were about accomplishments, 4 statements of opinion and 4 about intentional actions. Pps were asked to rate the extent to which they believed the descriptions to be due to something about the person (disposition) or something about the environmental circumstances (situation). There were two groups; one group only received the behavioural descriptions while another group received the descriptions and information relating to consensus, consistency and distinctiveness.

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Commented on Sensory memory cue card (Sperling 1960)

This is a summary of sensory memory and the research carried out by sperling 1960.

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Liked AS AQA A Scheme of Work PSYA 1 Attachment

Scheme of work based around Cardwell and Flanagan's Complete Companion AS textbook. 

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Liked Gender development- Biological approach

Presentation explaining simply and with diagrams how sexual development is determined by chromosomes.

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Liked Anti-social Influence of the Media - recap ppt.

Short ppt to remind students of key points. Starter/plenary/revision guide.

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Commented on Gardner & Gardner, full text article

Full text article   Teaching Sign Language to a ChimpanzeeR. Allen Gardner; Beatrice T. GardnerScience, New Series, Vol. 165, No. 3894. (Aug. 15, 1969), pp. 664-672.