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Restricted Double Goals

This game is perfect for encouraging the ability to move the ball through wide positions.

Groups of 12 players are organised in teams of 6 as illustrated. Red player 1 has the ball and starts by playing a one-two with red 3. Red players attempt to score by pushing the ball through either of two nominated 'gates'. The gates are placed in opposite corners of the playing area. In the centre of the pitch is a defined restricted area, around which players in possession must move. Blue players attempt to prevent reds scoring and gain possession to score. The game continues for a set time or number of points scored. The team with the highest score wins.

Moving with the Ball: Knees bent; head up and ball well out in front to improve vision; stick and ball in contact to ensure close control; low body position. Push Passing: Left hand at top of stick; right hand lower down (to produce power); body sideways on; feet shoulder distance apart; ball arms length away; push through line of the ball transferring weight from back to front; pass ball to receivers open stick; timing and accuracy are important. Receiving: Stick in line with the ball early; head of stick on ground; cushion the ball - soft hands; good first touch; control the ball in the position to make the pass. Moving off the Ball: Lateral/diagonal runs into space away from marker; timed to receive; initial dummy movements to eliminate marker. Defending: Do not over commit to the tackle; close down delay; remain between ball and own goal; be patient.

To decrease difficulty: Decrease playing area; reduce the number of players; decrease number of defenders; exclude tackles; allow possession to be gained only through interception/bad pass etc.; use lighter balls; increase goal size. To increase difficulty: Increase playing area; increase number of players; increase number of defenders; limit number of touches players can make on the ball; introduce time limit; decrease goal size.

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