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Pattern of Play

This game is brilliant for progressing moving the ball at speed.

Cones are placed around the field 20-30m inside the boundary, up to about half forward. Players are divided into 2 teams as they spread themselves along one half of the field, outside the cones. There is no set spot to stand, they can move wherever they like, as long as it is outside the cones. Both teams stay on their half of the field. They need a full back and full forward. The ball is kicked in simultaneously by both full backs and the teams endeavour to move the ball around outside the cones, by kicking or handball until 1 team scores a goal first. How they move it or to whom they kick is their decision as long as the teams pattern of play is followed (wide in defence, centre for attack). Firts team to goal scores a point for their team, then the race reverses until the ball is starting at the most recent goal end and makes its way around the ground to the other end. Most points wins. Players can change positions.

Players call for ball and run hard; kicking player selects best options; kick in front of leading player; keep ball wide but centre quickly once past the last cone; ensure goal is kicked rather than just rushing the shot; clean accurate skills required. Kicking: Fingers evenly spread along each side of the ball; thumbs extending to top centre of the ball; point of the ball facing downwards; guide the ball down with one hand; aim to kick at the bottom point with the laces; toes facing the target. 

Increase difficulty: All kicks followed by handball; include 1 opposition player amongst each team. Decrease difficulty: Move cones in further from boundary.

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