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mi move is an interactive, easy-to-use tool to support coaches and teachers develop children's movement competency.

Dozens of child centred activities are organized by outcome as well as stage of development to allow the practitioner plan and deliver a session to meet the needs to the children in the class/group.

Each activity is supported by an easy to run animation that shows the user exactly what the activity looks like. The animation is supported by clear and concise text that guides the user to key 'signs of success'.

mi move is the HOW to the WHY of current thinking and research about how children should be introduced to physical activity and sport i.e. by building a rock-solid foundation of fundamental and complex movements. mi move uses the current model of categorizing these movements into 3 key areas: stability, object control and locomotion. 

mi move has evolved out of physical education and it has been successfully piloted in schools as well as 3 different sports clubs; Arsenal Football Club, Finchley Rugby Club and Neil Plimmer's Junior Golf Programme -- JOLF.

mi move is extremely versatile: it has been used with 3 year olds as well as near elite 13 year old footballers. Whether your interest is physically educating youngsters to stay active as they grow older or supporting kids into and through elite performance pathways, mi move helps establish the foundations that are required to meet both goals: competent movement.

If you work in a school, nursery, sports club, health club or any other setting where children learn in and through the physical, mi move is for you.

Available on mac and PC: http://www.tacklesport.com/products/games-teaching-and-coaching/mi-move-products.html

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